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About Us

Unic Industrial & Trading Corp., (USA) D.B.A Treasure of Nature, is a unique manufacturer and importer carrying two different lines of products: Bronze Electroplated Resin Sculptures and Wood-like Carved Resin Figurines.  Our Bronze line is produced 100% by our own factory which has a strong creative design team and the advanced electroplating technology.  As a direct importer, we own all the designs of our Wood-like collection.  Our products serve as excellent eye catching awards for your recognition needs or as great gifts to make any space stunning.

Treasure of Nature has been in US gift markets for over 10 years and accumulated over 4000 customers.  We continue our commitment to develop new designs with high quality, affordable merchandise to wholesalers, distributors, and retailers across the United States. As always, we will offer you the best treasure to enjoy.